Did you know that...??

Almost 40,000 Galicians today work directly in fishing and shellfishing activities, and approximately 117,000 (around 10% of the population) work in activities that depend directly on it: transport, canning industry, etc.

Sardines help us to maintain good eyesight. It can be cooked in all kinds of ways if we buy it fresh and we can also find it canned.

Hake keeps our heart healthy. From an early age we start eating it cooked and when we grow up we eat it grilled or in stews with vegetables.

Sea bass gives us energy for the whole day. Although it used to be known as a sick fish, because it is only eaten cooked, it is now more commonly baked and is also included in new recipes such as lasagna or moussaka.

Monkfish improves our brain. Usually only the tail is eaten cooked, grilled or baked, as it has more meat and the head is used to make soup.

Sole gives us strength to the body. It is eaten grilled or in more sophisticated preparations with seafood or fruit sauces.

The barnacle recharges our organism. They are eaten cooked, but there are also those who make them in pâté.

Necora protects our body. They are eaten cooked, in pâtés and seafood salpicon.

Scallops promote growth. They have always been eaten roasted in the oven with a sauce, but now they are also mixed with different seafood and wines.

Golden kelp helps to defend our body. It is used in Japanese cuisine in recipes such as dashi, seitan or ramen. Here it is also used as a condiment and in salads.