You really are a good fish

Is a program created by the Council of the sea with the dual objective of facilitating the knowledge and consumption of fresh seafood from Galicia among the girls and boys of our community and of influencing and balancing their diets.

Its recipients are the schoolchildren of Early Childhood Education, Primary Education and Secondary Education..

The program has two lines of action:

  • On the one hand, a workshop that goes through centers of our community with different activities that make known the healthy aspects of the consumption of seafood.
  • And on the other hand, excursions to different marine locations where they know first-hand this wonderful world of the sea and can taste some of said products.

Our protagonists discover through experiments, food tests and relationships with the people of the world of the sea and its products, multiple advantages of the balanced consumption of these. They focus mainly on 9 different species of the marine world that, thanks to their nutritional properties, have a great positive effect on our body.

Thanks to the history of these characters, the 9 species treated, and the activities carried out, the program “You really are a good fish” is an informative contribution tool of great importance for the educational sector and for the families that constitute it.