The program has two lines of action.

On the one hand, a workshop that goes through centers of our community with different activities that make known the healthy aspects of the consumption of seafood.

And on the other hand, excursions to different marine locations where they know first-hand this wonderful world of the sea and can taste some of said products.

Excursións CEIP Nosa Señora de Lourdes ( )
Obradoiros CURSO CEIP de Frian de Teis ( )
Excursións IES de Ordes ( )
Obradoiros CURSO CPI Fonte Díaz ( )
Excursións CEIP Párroco Don Camilo ( )
Excursións CEIP Viñagrande Deiro ( )
Obradoiros CURSO CEIP Nº2 de Tui ( )
Obradoiros CURSO CEIP Almirante Juan de Langara y Huarte ( )
Obradoiros CURSO IES de Ordes ( )